Vermont Medical Clinic

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Vermont Medical Clinic
Suite 1-2

General Practitioners in Vermont for over 50 years 
The clinic has been a dedicated general practice since opening in 1960. The clinic is an accredited family-oriented general medical practice, committed to providing high quality medical care.

This is a clinic of nine general practitioners: Dr Jim Glaspole, Dr Lidija Suntesic, Dr Merran Gowans, Dr Shelly McIllree, Dr Roheela D’Cruz (on Leave) , Dr Julie Chang, Dr Paul Nguyen, Dr Cynthia Boudeville and Dr Francis Leung.

At this clinic we treat children, adults and the elderly. We have a full time practice nurse who assists in care planning, is an immunisation provider and she also runs our wound management service. A pathology collection centre is located on site. We have a dedicated diabetes clinic weekly with a credentialled diabetes educator. We have a mental health clinic weekly with a mental health worker who provides an additional resource to the regular GPs.
Consultation by appointment (online appointments will be available soon)
Telephone: (03) 9874 2422 Fax: (03) 9874 0492

Hours: Mon – Thurs 0800 – 1830 Fri 0800 – 1800 Sat 0800 – 1200.

Please telephone to check opening hours and to make appointments.

Email contact:

Please do not send urgent urgent or private messages via email.

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03 9874 2422
03 9874 0492